Come Join Shri Rajuli in a weekly Tribal Fusion Belly Dance class!
We will meet every Sunday at 6pm starting February 7th!

Studio BHB 
110 N Maine St Michawaka, IN

$10 (sliding scale available for those who need- private message me)

Our class will be for all levels of dance. 

Each Class will focus on:
CONDITIONING- to make us safe and strong in our practice

DRILLS- to create clean, articulated and/or sinuous movement

CREATION- Short choreographic phrases that bridge the gap between drills and dance.

MEDITATION- Chakra visualization meditation to balance the body and mind after movement. 

.:Awaken your spirit! Sweat and feel strong! Laugh and have fun!:.
Shri Rajuli has been studying and performing the art of Belly dance for over 15 years. She has traveled across the country to perform and study with masters of Tribal Belly Dance. Rachel Brice, Naga Sita, Colleena Shakti, Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Sedona Soulfire, Sharon Kihara, Zafira Hammer Sisters, Malina of Daughters of Rhea, Sarah Jezebel Wood, Bevin Victoria are just a few of her honored teachers. She is an Initiate of the 8 Elements certification program. Shri Rajuli has a light-hearted spiritual approach to dance. She loves to laugh and work hard. To her, dance practice is about creating a dialogue between your spirit and body, and a connection to the dancers around you. Dance is not only an expressive sensual art form that keeps you healthy but a tool for healing from within. 

Feel free to join South Bend Tribal Belly Dance group!

Avani Natyam, (Sanskrit for "dance of earth"), is the ever blossoming fusion of ShriRajuli.  AvaniSuta, daughters of earth, is Rajuli's student troupe. 

Please contact me with any questions or teaching requests. I am available for private lessons.